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Professional Costs for Drain Cleaning


Sooner all later, we will have to call a plumber. At times the blockage may be out of control and only a professional may clear it.

Tip: Avoid plumbers who use acid to clear you drain. Acid is extremely corrosive and will destroy you finish as well as your drain system. The acid also emits dangerous fumes that are hazardous.

Basics Costs

While costs depend on a number of factors such as geographical location, experience and nature of the clog, the average cost is 109-214 sterling pounds. This are costs for clearing the tub, bathroom and kitchen.

Depending on the nature of the job, all jobs come with a service fee of 50 sterling pounds. A part from the service fee, it will cost you 109-273 sterling pounds to clear a clog in the kitchen and 151-214 pounds to clear a clog in the laundry drain.

All Drain Services in Massachusetts charge 170 sterling pounds for bathroom sinks and 195 sterling pounds for kitchen sinks

Clogs That Occur in the Mainline

Mr Vega, the owner of All Drain Services; advices that one should stop using water in their homes if a clog takes place in the main sewer line. This will reduce the chances of flooding. This will also prevent the escalation of the situation from bad to worse. He advises that one should call a professional to rectify the situation.

Stoppages in the main line can be cleared by use of a drain vent in the roof, pulling a toilet or by an outside clean out. Companies like Legacy plumbing charge a service fee and 184 sterling pounds for using an exterior clean out on the main line.

When the one-storey roof or drain vent is used to clear the blockage, the company will charge 273 sterling pounds. When drain cleaning equipment is used in draining a toilet, 399 sterling pounds will be used.

Snake Clogging

When build up is eliminated by the use of high pressure water jets, Drain Services will charge you 395 sterling pounds. Where video inspection will be carried by the company, an additional charge of 395 sterling pounds will be charged.

Though the video inspection is costly it has a number of advantages. It is more accurate and comes with an on spot repair service.

If the company will have to replace the broken down pipes then the cost will vary from 395 sterling pounds to thousands of pounds.

How to Prevent Drain Clogs

Always ensure that you respect your drains. One of the ways of respecting them is not pouring grease and fats in the drain. The owner of Legacy Plumbing emphasises that fats in the drain congeal in the pipes causing blockage as fats in the heart would do.

Always let the water run for 30 seconds so as not to overload the disposal. This ensures that all debris is washed out.

A screen should also be used to catch obstacles such as hair.

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