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Help, Why Does My Drain Keep Blocking?


Don’t worry, I understand your pain. I know how it feels to use the toilet and when you are about to flush it you discover it has clogged. This will probably put you in an awkward position especially when you are using your neighbour’s toilet.

This is however a story for another day. Normally, drain clogs will start off with a warning. You will discover that water tends to flow slower than it should be. You should strive to fix it as soon as possible. It is like cancer, the earlier the treatment the better.

If you would prefer to call an expert, then call us on 08442736336 and we will be there to help. Our services are 24 hours a day.

There are hundreds or reasons why you’re Drain are clogging, however, we will only look at a few:

Where Are Your Drains Located?

Is your drain located outside your house or inside your house? Drains located outside in the open tend to block often as a result of fallen leaves. They are the biggest culprit. Dried leaves are light, and as a result t is easily blown by wind into pipes and drainages. At first they are harmless dead leaves, but as they accumulate they create a barrier to the flow of sewage or water.

Blockage inside the house is usually caused by obstructions such as hair, sanitary products, soap and towels.

Which Part of the House is the Blockage?

If the blockage takes place in the toilet be more careful of what you flush down there. Only flush excrete and small pieces of tissue.

If the blockage is in the kitchen, then the most probable cause would be soap, grease or food particles. Food particles are the most difficult to remove. They cause serious blockages that may necessitate a professional plumber to come and fix the situation. If you believe this is your problem then call 08442736336

How to Prevent Blockage of your Drains

The best way to prevent you drainage from clogging is to be careful of what goes through them. This will not only save you money but as well as unpleasant side effects such as damaged wiring, a leaking ceiling and foul smelling water.

Kitchen Clogs

Always be careful what is washed down the drain. Use adequate detergents so as to break down oils. Do not pour grease in the sink. If this happens always blast cold water for the grease to solidify instead of coating the pipes.

The Bathroom

Avoid hairs falling down into the drain. Items such as cotton wools, sanitary pads should be stored in the garbage bin and trying to flush them.

Outdoor Drainage

If possible keep your drains as far away as possible from trees. Sweep regularly if this is not possible.

If the Drainage is blocked, call an expert to clear the clog.

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