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How to Clear a Blocked Land Drain


It’s really tormenting to see a piece of land flooded, thanks to poor land drains. Apart from it being health hazardous, it also adversely affects any crops therein. Draining such a land may be hectic but fortunately, it’s possible. Undoubtedly, blockage of land drains land renders them useless; however, it doesn’t have to be that way. This problem should be worked on before it advances and destroy your valued pipes. Here is how to clear a blocked land drain.

Use of Land Drainage Outfall

One guaranteed component to total clearance of blocked land drain is an outfall. As a matter of fact, despite how much stone and pipe you put underground towards clearing and preventing future land drains, if the land is clayish and void of any outfall, chances are you may never do away with the dilemma of clocked land drains. These outfalls could be a brook, culvert or a ditch.

Silt Traps & Catch Pits

This is an indirect alternative method of clearing a blocked land drain. It involves usage of a catch pit to catch silt at the bottom of the chamber instead of having it flow into the land drains. Additionally, these chambers prevent debris and leaves from blocking the land drains.

The Junior Model

This is the cheapest model available for draining blocked land. It’s usually operated manually but this is not a limitation since the end results is similar to that of other models. Two people are required to operate this model. It has a hydraulic roll whose speed can be adjusted. Its height can also be controlled by use of winch.

Senior Model

It is ideally suited for contractors and businesses specializing in drain maintenance services. It has many hydraulic functions for ease of operation, including an automatic hose guide, and a manometer for reading hose input pressure. A lighting set is optional.

Installing New Drains

At times, neglecting the old drains and putting in new ones via use of pipe drain system may be the only viable way of doing away with a blocked land drain. Old land drains block often. Therefore, in case you observe a fairly recent problem or see water oozing up during rainfall, it’s worth digging a trail pit to try and uncover old land drains and replace them. However, considering the costs associated with such installations, this should be employed as a last resort.

Importantly, each of the models above is tractor 3-point linkage. Hydraulic oil flow frequency and the machine weight differ between models while lengths of hosing supplied are similar for each machine. In case clearing of drains occur beside a stream, water can be sourced from there and used in the machine. If no nearby water source, water ought to be drawn to the site of operation.

Ultimately, all land drain blockages are different. Land being a limited resource, enhancing the existing land is prudent. Considering the costs associated with clearing blocked land drains and also the cost of rectifying such an issue, acquiring a drain cleaner is worthwhile. Above all, taking preventive measures towards preventing the land drain clogs is key, as we know, prevention is always better than cure.

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