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8 Methods of Clearing your Clogged Shower Drain


Experience has taught me that it pains calling a plumber for a job you could have done yourself. It is expensive and not logical. Clearing a clogged shower is not rocket science, with the right tools you will be good to go.

Most shower drain problems can easily be rectified. All you need are tools and my advice

1. Use of Boiling Water

Boiling water breaks down soap that tends to clog the drain. Use of boiling water alone, may not be sufficient especially when dealing with severe cases. This cases a rise where hair is involved

2. Use of a Plunger

The success rate of a plunger depends on certain factors such as the depth of the clog and nature of obstructions. Hair is especially a big culprit.

To increase efficiency, add petroleum jelly on the base of the plunger for maximum seal. Also ensure that the plunger is submerged in water.

Plunging is never useful in showers. I have tried it before and its effects are minimal

3. Use of Baking Soda and a Mixture of Vinegar

Pour baking soda and wait for it to settle for 5 minutes. A cup is enough.

Pour vinegar and finish with hot water for a chemical reaction to occur. 1 cup will be adequate.

Although this is an eco friendly method of clearing out clogs it sometimes fail to achieve desired effects, you might end up using industrial chemicals

4. Pulling Out the Clog by Hand

This method works best. It is however crucial that you wear rubber gloves. You might be surprised what you find down there!

This is fairly a simple process as you will just remove the drain cover by unscrewing it if necessary.

5. Use of a Hook

This comes in handy when you have failed to fish out the clog using your hand. The hook is typically a wire that is bent with a sharp edge to allow you to clear the clogs effectively.

6. My Favourite Snake: The Plumbers

I do not know why, but I am Obsessed with this. It is also very easy to use. The snake is pushed down the clogged pipe until you reach the clog. Turn the snake clockwise and anti-clockwise until it unclogs the drain.

Run water to test if you have being successful. It always works. If not, try again and try the next method.

7. Industrial Chemical Use

It is easy to find chemical cleaners in your hardware store or supermarket. Use of industrial chemicals must be used as instructed so as not to destroy your piping’s.

8. The Plumber

Let’s face it; we don’t always succeed in our endeavours. When this happens we have to eat a humble pie and call the plumber.

Causes, Symptoms and Prevention of Future Clogs

Most drains are as a result of hairs, grease and soap. These obstructions accumulate over time. This will result to water not draining as it should. To prevent this, buy a rain protector and a soap dish.

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