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How to Clear Blocked Drain in Inbuilt Fridge


Did you know that your fridge has a drain hole? Yes, the fridge has a drain hole that catches the moisture that forms after ice melts and collects. The fridge may encounter some problems in case this whole blocks and attention is required. The impact caused by blocked drain hole is sure to communicate the problem since the water in the fridge tends to form a pool in the fridge on the bottom shelf and moulds may start forming. We shall discuss how we can manually clear the blocked inbuilt fridge.

How to Unblock Your Fridge Drain Hole

The following are the steps to follow while unblocking the fridge drain hole manually. Unblocking your fridge drain hole is an easy and painless task, putting your refrigerator back in good order once again.

Clean Excess Water

Before you start this process, first unplug the fridge from the wall to allow easy access to any part of the fridge especially the back part of it. Clean all the excess water that has collected at the bottom of the fridge and in the shelves. This makes the process manageable and without much struggle while trying to fix the mess due to the destruction caused by the excess water.

Identify the Required Apparatus

After you have dried the entire fridge, it becomes easy to clear the debris from the fridge drain hole. To do this, you can simply use a tool that comes with the fridge to clean the hole but if not available, you can go for a straw, cotton wool or a pipe cleaner that can serve the same purpose satisfactorily.

Remove Debris

At this point, using one of the above mentioned items, poke it into the hole continuously without breaking since breaking might cause the hole to block further. At the end of the process, the fridge drain hole is clear.

It’s very essential to try keeping the fridge free from drain whole blockages. This can only be achieved by keeping it free from debris. This is the most important part of the whole process since it inhibits chances of the fridge blocking thus keeping our appliance safe from bad smell that comes from the settled water.

We all want our appliances to operate with extreme perfection and therefore we got to be extra careful to ensure that they are in their right state. This is made possible by repeating the above process frequently just to ensure there is no debris on the fridge drain hole.

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