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Usefulness, endurance, functionality and protection of your home are our credo here at Plumbing Networks, and they are all within reach of your hand.

A tendency to improve your living space never ends, as there are numerous ways and options of making it match your desires. With some DIY guidance form our team at Plumbing Networks and the adequate tools, you will become a crafty master of home renovation in no time.

You can, undoubtedly, tackle with every technical issue that arises in your household, don’t let anyone convince you in the opposite. A leaky pipe or a lock that needs changing will turn into a minor obstacle with the help of our staff at Plumbing Networks.

It is important that you know you can rely on us. We will share instructions and our tricks of the trade with you. Whether you wish to add a new element to your home, modernise a part of it or simply repair something, we will be by your side with our experienced input.

Part of our guidance includes fresh and different suggestions on how to more effectively you and your beloved ones use your residence. These suggestions will, also, refer to the aspect of style, giving your home a complete and attractive look.

In order to ease your search, our frequently uploaded proposals and ideas are grouped as follows:

General Do It Yourself

This section offers plenty of instructions and information in order to make you ready for that upcoming renovation thoroughly, be it small or significant in size. There is no room for postponing it.


The quickest way of giving your home a fresh and polished look is by updating the wall colours. What makes the difference, though, is using quality product paint and combining eye-catching and stylish colours to attain maximum effect. Don’t get anxious, we got your back in this as well.


There are so many ways of updating the exterior of your home, from adding a brick patio to a cosy terrace or a garden. All you need is a bit of inspiration and couple of instructions from us.

Interior Décor

Do you feel like there is room for improvement in your home? Always wanted that open-concept in your kitchen? Find some decorating tips here and wake up the interior designer in you.


Windows provide us light and ventilation, and they connect us with the outdoor spaces, but they can cause a problem by leaking or gaining heat. Investing in energy-efficient windows can pay off on the long term.


Sustainability nowadays is more than adding solar panels on the roof. It has many facets, starting from building materials, to making the house energy efficient by itself, environmentally healthy, and comfortable for family life.

Kitchen & Bathroom

Is your kitchen dated and you feel like a big island and new backsplash would make the difference? You are a remodelling away from your dream spaces.


A faulty heating and plumbing system in your home doesn’t have to be a headache. With our guidance, you will soon overcome any problematic issue, starting from purchasing and maintaining to fixing or changing a component of the system.

You can become a DIY expert if you are thought by the best in the field.