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Help, My Neighbours Runoff Water Is Driving Me Crazy


My next door neighbour is driving me Crazy. I am out of options and I don’t know what to do next. I have tried everything I know including reporting him to the police but I always end up frustrated. I need to see my flowers flourish and my compound clean. Please Help I need a permanent fix!


I am sorry about your predicament. Runoff water is a cause of frustration to thousands around the world.

The first thing we need to do is divert the water to ensure your flowers are healthy and your property safe. The second thing is to slow the water down so that it is absorbed in the soil. This is also a viable option.

Building a Berm

This is a small hill that is covered with either soil or grass. The medium diverts the runoff water so as to protect the property in question. From my opinion and what I have seen so far Soil berms are the best. A guide is readily available online on how to make one. This can be sourced online from the University of Minnesota.

Routing the Water into a Dry well

This is typically directing water inside a dry well. The best location for this well should be any low area where puddles of water tend to foam. The Run Off water from your neighbour can be routed to this well. It is typically a cost effective way of solving your problem.

Grade Broad Surfaces

This is not a cheap alternative. You can however choose this option if you’re deep pocketed. You will need to call a professional excavator or hire equipment for this to work.

Intercepting the Water

This can be achieved by digging a shallow ditch. To achieve maximum efficiency, the shallow ditch should be sloping on both sides. A French drain can also be built to intercept the water. This is just a perforated pipe that is placed underneath a trench that is filled with gravel or pumice.

Other products such as the EZ-Drain pipe can be used. From my experience French drains are the best. This is because they not only handle water moving above but also through it.

Replacing Impermeable Surfaces

To prevent runoff water from destroying your flowers, you can replace the surface around your flowers with permeable gravel and pavers. Though this is expensive, it is worth the pounds. If you are already replacing concrete and asphalt then it is worth it

Extremely Important

Local municipal laws require that you apply for a license on issues concerning landscape modification that may affect ground water. Small projects too must be registered. This is a legal requirement!

Dial 811 to be directed to your local one call centre. The centre notifies utilities on your intention to dig. They will then flag crucial points where important utilities such as gas lines and telecom cables are buried. A team is normally dispatched.

I hope my answer will relieve your headache.

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