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How to Find Help for Your Plumbing Problems


Do you need help with your plumbing problems? plumbers nz can help you. Plumbers NZ is a plumbing community that supports plumbers with technical support. It’s a place where apprentices will find exam questions and answers. It’s the go-to site for Plumbers.

How the Site Works

The public can ask registered plumbers and gas fitters for competent answers about anything related to plumbing and gas fitting. For instance, there are Q&A’s about Hot Water Cylinders, Valves, Water Pressure, Wetbacks, Toilets / WC / Bidets, Baths and Showers.

One member has asked which water heating system will suit his household. He was looking for a gas water heater with average price that works well. The site’s admin suggested looking at for more choices.

Useful Advice on Water Heaters

Another member has shared tips on buying water heaters. He says, “Purchasing any type of water heater can be a big decision, but if you specifically know you want a gas water heater then you need to know which are the best ones out there. Whether you chose to heat your water with electric or gas, tanks come in different sizes and qualities, and you want to get one that will last you a long time.”

He shares, “Tanks have improved over the years, and if you purchase a new home then chances are you will get a tank that is efficient and safe. However, if your home and current tank is old, you may want to consider replacing it. If your water tank is heated with gas, the good news is that new technology has improved and these are more energy-efficient and do not let heat escape through thin walls anymore. New models have also eliminated the need for the pilot light to be constantly burning to maintain water temperature. The new gas hot water heaters in Brisbane are also 5%-10% more efficient.”

He continues, “Using natural gas over propane is less expensive and burns cleaner. Typically track homes have natural gas and urban houses on land will have to have a propane tank on their property that is refilled every few weeks or months. The only downside to using a gas heater is that they lose some energy in exhaust gases, but they are still cheaper to use.”

Forums for Everybody

Explore the forums and you’ll find answers to your vital questions. For instance, you’ll get advice on the fair price of plumbers services and products. Members are ready and willing to lend an ear and share their two cents regarding subjects ranging from hot water cylinders to water heaters.

One member gave this valuable advice to a co-member asking if he was getting ripped off by his plumber: “Every plumber will deal with quotes differently, but again I feel good practice will itemise say big items from installation – but many plumbers prefer to just give one price as customer cherry pick and say they will provide their own big appliances – but expect the plumber to pick it up and carry a warranty on it.”

His advice? “If your plumber belongs to a professional organisation like Master Plumbers then you can also put in a complaint to them – see their website for details – but again try talking to your plumber merchant first.”

Different Folks, Different Strokes

There are many threads on the website discussing various topics. These issues include where and how to find the best plumbing services, what to do with faulty hot water cylinders, where to buy the best water heaters, and other useful information.

One member says, “Natural gas heaters are most popular in the United States because gas is cheaper for heating water than electricity, propane, and solar energy. Also, most cities and towns have the gas conveniently piped throughout. Some homes are equipped for electric or propane and do not have a natural gas outlet available. If this is the case and you have gas stove it may be a good idea to extend the gas line to your water heater.”

Your Every Plumbing Question, Answered

If you’re looking for help with your plumbing needs, then you’ve come to the right place. Plumbers NZ provides you with the necessary venues to ask pertinent questions, share precious advice, or simply vent. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to find the best hot water cylinder, or seeking more information about gas heaters, we’ve got the answers you’re searching for.

One member had this question: “Where do you guys go to get inspiration for bathroom designs?”

The site admin shares: “You can walk into any plumbing merchant such as Mico, Plumbing world, Chesters, or Franklins. Ask for current catalogs. Alternatively depending on where you live and how much you want to spend you can visit the manufacturers showrooms. Also most plumbing merchants have showrooms. Last option is Google “bathroom Ideas” and limit search to NZ.

Q&A Sections

The Q&A sections, in particular, are quite informative. There’s a lot of useful advice that you will find here. From shower problems, to drainage help, wetback issues, valves, and hot water cylinders, you’ll find what you need to know here.

Search Section

There’s a Search section that enables users to look up keywords with options to Show results as messages or Search in topic subjects only. The site also has a gallery that features a vast array of products, finished projects, and other interesting images that you might find useful in your search. There are other galleries for a myriad of topics such as Plumbing, Gas fitting, Sparkies, Nasty, Random, and Animal World.

Classifieds Section

The Classifieds section contains featured listings that provide plumbers and heating services, as well as drainage problem services. There are also companies seeking commercial and maintenance plumbers for hire.


To register, simply read the registration agreement and accept the terms of the agreement by clicking the blue button at the bottom of the page. Once that’s done, you may log into the site and start participating in the forums and other sections. Welcome to the group and we hope you enjoy your stay here!

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