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How to Know If Shower Drain is Blocked?


Every home owner will agree with me that a clogged shower drain can cost you lot money to get it back on its feet. The best thing is that most blockages that occur in the shower drain can be solved without calling a drainage specialist. There are several steps to unclog your bathroom and you can do it despite having no plumbing skills. They include:

Adding boiled water into the shower drain
Use of a plunger
Use of natural alternatives such as vinegar and baking soda.
Pulling the clog out of the drain by hand
Using a hook
Use the plumber’s snake


Once the shower drain is cleared, work on reducing and preventing future blockages. Here are some of the signs you need to look out for if you suspect your bathroom drain is blocked.

Slow Drainage

This is evidently the first sign of shower drain blockage. Once you realize that you are standing in a puddle of water in the shower, it should ring a bell that something is amiss. Upon such realization, effective measures should be employed immediately, lest the drainage problems worsen with time. The sooner you deal with these issues, the easier it will be to resolve them.

Drainage At The Clean-out

In case you have main line clean out, then you got additional way of knowing if shower drain is blocked. Start by locating the clean-out and then open it by either pulling or unscrewing to remove the cap. Inspect the cap and confirm whether there is any waste that may be lying there. In normal circumstances, no residue should be on the clean-out pipe. In case you see water flowing out on the clean-out, it’s a vivid confirmation that you have a shower drain blockage.

Unusual Reaction When Using Fixtures

The next thing to raise alarm is any unexpected reaction when using plumbing fixtures. For instance, the toilet, which has the biggest drain line, if there is a problem with the drainage system you first notice it there. The water fails to flow away and sometimes you may even have an overflow.

Clogging of Multiple Fixtures

Another obvious sign of a shower drain blockage is when several plumbing fixtures malfunction. The sink water drains slowly or just lies there for hours. In case you suspect you have a shower drain clog, start by checking other plumbing fixtures in the house and especially those close to your bathroom.

The Bottom Line

Prevention is always better than cure, so don’t forget to reduce the chances of your shower drain getting blocked, considering that hairs are the main cause of clogging in out showers; you may need to consider buying a drain protector if you don’t own one yet. A secure soap dish may also come in hand. A shower drain blockage is a serious problem and can even be considered an adverse health problem and a plumbing emergency. Therefore, if you suspect of shower drain blockage, ensure you confirm it and put necessary measures in place to clear it as soon as possible.

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