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How to Lift Block Paving Drain Cover


Recess trays get neglected and it is common to find some of them in different homes and commercial properties in dire condition. There are also cheap versions that cannot withstand the harsh weather and get stuck as time goes by because they wear out. Some neglected their recess trays and the end results are a stuck drain cover that cannot be easily removed. The frame and tray join is blocked by weeds, detritus and many other types of dirt that can only find a home here because the owner does not check his or her block paving drain.

Nature does not spare this important part of your drainage system. If the steel is not high quality, it is likely to rust. But leaving it for years without lifting it can also make it jam even is it’s made of high quality material. A recess tray needs to be lifted out annually and some lubricant applied on the frame and tray edges. It limits oxidation and ensures that the drain cover is easy to remove whenever you need to.

So How Do You Remove an Already Jammed Drain Cover?

There are number of techniques that you can use if your drain cover is already jammed. The tray gets stuck to the frame and you just cannot lift it no matter how hard you try to. The easiest way is the use of compressed air. You can also use a water jet that is highly powered and it will blow all the detritus lying between the tray and frame. However this method is only effective if your drain cover is jammed due to debris and other dirt problems. It cannot give positive results if there is rust. For oxidized and rusty joints, use oil that will penetrate easily. This can help to free the cover after the oil has softened the dry and rusty joints. Sometimes, you may have to apply the oil more than once and leave it for up to 24 hours. This gives the oil ample time to penetrate and loosen the joints.

If the above methods of lifting the manhole cover fail, you can use lifting devices. They are made with the ability to raise jammed covers easily. If you are an individual who just wants to check his or her manhole, you can hire this gadget and it will ease the whole job. They work very well and in most cases give 100% positive results.

Plumbers and contractors have to deal with jammed trays once in a while. Some are truly stuck and the only option for all drainage specialists is to cut out and remove the tray. This is done after they have tried all possible methods and failed. The job does not end there as they have to cover the chamber again. It is a costly affair s the owner has to buy a new tray and frame. That is why cutting out a jammed tray is always the last option for plumbers.

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