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How to Shave Without Blocking Drain


If you are one of the fortunate (or should that be unfortunate?) men who grow a beard of any substance, you ought to be familiar with the issue of blocking up the drain in your bathroom with your facial hair trimmings. That daily barrage of thick whiskers and sticky lather might block even the widest pipes given enough time. Nothing is more infuriating than a blocked drain. However, you don’t have to keep your plumber on speed dial every now and then just because you enjoy a clean shave. We want to help you poor unfortunates.

Shaving needn’t be this messy. Here is how to shave without blocking your drain.

Remove the Stopper on Your Drain

This lets the hairs freely pass without blocking the drain. However, this may in the long-run cause more mayhem as it can lead to blockage of pipes, which is more hectic.


If removing the hairs from a surface is a daunting task, then make the surface removable as well. Lining your drain with toilet paper helps stray hairs as they get caught and then thrown away.


Simply designate a ‘shaving towel’ and use it to cover your drain while shaving. This ensures that all the stray hairs get trapped on the towel. Later, you can transport them to the bin.


In case you deem the above methods to be too passive, here is a more active way of removing the hairs from the drain. Whether handheld of a standard model, a vacuum is the best tool for removing the stray hairs from blocking your drain. Habitual shavers may find the idea of investing in a shaving specific vacuum overly wise since it can save the hassle of getting the large vacuum out and fiddling with the varied attachments.

Use of Baking Soda and Vinegar

In case you discover that your drain is blocking whenever you shave, chances are it is almost closed off by foreign matter down the line. Rarely will you find the hair and shave soap blocking a drain. In such an instance, employing the use of pop-up plug, ‘snaking’ the branch line and the trap may prove handy. To remove such stubborn clog, do the following:

Pour a pot of boiling hot water down your drain.
Add a ½ cup of baking soda and allow that sit for ten minutes.
Then, add a mixture of vinegar and very hot water down on top of the baking soda.
Cover with a drain plug, if you have one and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
Flush one more time with a pot of boiling water.
How this works: The baking soda and hot water treatment will loosen up any clog that’s hanging out at the bottom of your drain. The resultant explosive chemical reaction with the vinegar will jolt it all loose. Ultimately, one final super hot-water rinse will make all stubborn clogs bid you bye.

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