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How to Clear Clogged Drains like a Pro


This article will enable you to clear your own drain like a pro, and in return you will save lots of money. The truth is that all plumbing systems are susceptible to blockage.

This article is intended to show you how to clear floor drains, kitchen sinks and stubborn clogs. The tools can easily be sourced at your local hardware store.

The Plunger

It is capable of clearing blockage in sinks, bathtubs and toilets. At times, the clog may be located deep in the drain pipe. To solve this problem, use the plumber’s snake. The Plumber’s snake is made up of flexible steel that is long and has a hand crack for easy use.

The Closet Auger

It is bent to allow it to fit through toilet curves. Unlike the Plumber snake, the cable of an auger is encased in a shaft that s rigid.

One can also purchase an electrical auger as it is more efficient. However, it should be handled with care.

Unclogging the Sink by Removing the Trap and Drain Pipes

Unfortunately, minor clogs can be solved using a plunger. Make sure the water partially fills the sink. If the sink is double-bowled then stuff one hole and plunge the other.

Grab the Cable auger if the plunger has failed to clear the clog. The PVC traps can easily be removed by hand hence it is easy to unscrew. Empty the water in the sink trap and clear it of any clogs.

Unclogging the Sink by Cutting through the Clog

This can be achieved by removing the arm trap in the stub out. Drive the cable in a clockwise direction farther into the pipe as you try to clear the clog. If you feel some obstacles turn the cable counter clockwise and pull it out of the stub out.

Snake a Tub Drain by Blocking Overflow Plate

To clear a bathtub, start with a plunger. Carefully unscrew the tub drain screen and use a wire to clear out obstacles such as hair. Clean the stopper too. If a plunger does not work us a cable auger

Snake a Tube Drain: Access Clog via Overflow Plate

Once the overflow plate is removed feed 30 inches of cable into it until you reach the P-trap underneath the tube.

Run hot water down the drain and replace the overflow plate.

Using a Closet Auger to Free a Toilet Clog

If a plunger does not solve this problem, use an auger. Direct the tip to the bowl and clear any blockages

Crank and Repeat method for Toilet Clogs

Push the shaft through the toilet till the cable touches the trap. Crank simultaneously up and down. Flash to see if clear. If not clear, repeat the process again.

Clearing a Floor Drain

An electric Power auger is used. Snake the cable down the drain until it is clear. When you feel the cable bogged down rotate it counter clockwise. Repeat this back and forth motion until clog is cleared.

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