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The Magic of Baking Soda and Vinegar in Unclogging your Drain


At first I was sceptical about it. This is however until I tried the soda vinegar combination. I was to write this post yesterday but oh well, you’re never too late to do something right? Oh wait! Some of you are already ahead of me. I was planning to surprise you guys today with this new ‘discovery.’

Some of you don’t know how to keep things to them, so unfortunately I will be sharing this post with far less enthusiasm. You already know why!

Unclogging your Drain with Baking Soda and Vinegar

I have chilling memories when I remember about my last apartment. The drain just clogged as I was shaving my legs and the water flooded my entire bedroom. This is not a good experience.

Though I will show you how to unclog your drain, this method is not for every clog drain you experience. This method is best suitable for slow-moving drains or where there is an accumulation of oil or sugar. This increases the likely hood of future clogging.

I won’t bore you with stories of how eco friendly vinegar and baking soda is. I bet you have heard of it before. So I will just go down to the point and show you how to unclog your drain the easy way before the clog floods your house.

Ingredients Needed:
Baking soda

Boil your water and pour down the drain
Measure a half cup of baking soda and let it sit for a few minutes
After five minutes, pour a mixture of vinegar and very hot water on the baking soda. The ratio should be 1:1
To keep the reaction below the drain surface, cover it with a drain plug for around 8 minutes
After 8 minutes flash with boiling water

The Science Behind It

When baking soda comes into contact with hot water the grimy sludge tends to loosen. Vinegar creates an explosive chemical reaction that will jolt the sludge loose. The hot water will melt it away.

Vinegar, Baking soda and Garbage

The magic of baking soda can be applied in the garbage. When we throw away onions in the garbage disposal bag and leave it there for a while, it will smell like a dead rat. This is where Baking soda and vinegar comes in handy.
Freshening your Garbage proposal with our Magic Ingredients
Run hot water through your garbage for a minute
Pour a quarter cup of baking soda into the drain
So as to whirl the powered in the garbage, whirl it around
Leave it for 15 minutes
Add 1 cup of vinegar
Rinse it with very hot water for around 5-10 seconds

The Science

The mixture will deodorize your garbage and the vinegar will dislodge food hence releasing toxic gases


Don’t store baking soda and vinegar together. It will be ineffective
Can you think of other uses of baking soda and vinegar that would be useful? Let me know.

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