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How Much Does it Cost to Clear a Clogged Drain?


You wake early in the morning to go to work. But first thing first, you wash your face and you realise that the water is draining away slowly. As I always advice my readers, prevention is better than cure. Is this a minor or major problem?

It is prudent to investigate the issue immediately. Delays in solving this issue might turn out to be costly.

Clearing a tub drain may cost you an arm and a leg. One thing is however certain, if you call a professional plumber you ought to be prepared to cough anywhere between 129-288 sterling pounds depending on a number of factors.

Always know when you should call a plumber.

Costs associated with Drain Clearing

In most cases the costs are based on the severity of the blockage and the level of experience of the plumber.

However, the cost- effective solution is for you to clear the drainage yourself at the slightest sign of blockage. This usually costs around 20 pounds including cost of equipment such as a plunger.

When a plumber is involved be sure to be charged an hourly rate of 45-150 sterling pounds. This however varies from one region to another.

Total cost will vary from the amount of work done. However, expect between129-288 sterling pounds as labour costs. The average rate is 201 sterling pounds.

Smaller jobs will cost 81 pounds while complicated jobs will cost around 500pounds.

Clearing the Tub and Sink

Simple sink blockages will cost around 109-214 pounds. This is usually a flat rate that is charged for labour. It is more economical to try and solve the problem yourself.

Cost for Clearing Blocked Toilets

With a household snake tool you will do this yourself at a cost of 8-40 pounds. If you decide to call a plumber, the costs will jump to around 109-273 pounds.

Clearing the Main Line

Professional companies will charge between 100-800 pounds to snake a main line. Cost here is determined by the length of the sewer line and severity of the blockage.

You can however do this for yourself for 29-70 pounds depending on the equipment needed.

Factors that Affect Cost

Blockage severity

The more sever the blockage the more the price

Number of clogs

The more the clogs the higher the price


Every region has different rates hence different prices

Cause of the Blockage

If it is as a result of corrosive pipes then the cost will be higher as the pipes will have to be replaced.

When do I hire a pro?

The best time to hire a pro is when there is a problem in the main sewerage line.

Do it Yourself Techniques

Use a plunger to suction out any obstacles

Use a chemical drainer to dissolve debris

Cleaning the strainer regularly

Snaking the drain

Prevention of Future Clogs

Regularly flush the drain using a store-bought chemical drain cleaner.

Alternatively you can invest in metal mesh screens to ensure only water passes through

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