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How do I Prevent Autumn Leaves from Blocking my Drains?


Since we are mortal men with no capability of stopping autumn, the best we can do is be prepared when it comes. During this season leaves tend to turn brown, crispy, die and fall on your garden. If you drains are near trees then you will not be so lucky. The wind will blow the leaves into your drainage resulting to blockage.

The blockage may result to flooding and sewerage spills that may destroy the beauty of your garden.

If leaves block the pipe from the inside, then you will have a major problem. If the clog is in a major line that connects your house then nothing in your house will work! The only solution will be to call a professional plumber.

I cannot emphasise this enough. The key to surviving this autumn is being proactive. Ensure you regularly clean your compound of any leaves that may block your drain.

My Drain is Blocked, Please Help

Once your outdoor drain is clogged, you can decide to take precautionary measures so that the clogging does not occur again in future. Though most people overlook this method, I find it to be the most effective.

Use a good quality rake. A good quality rake will ensure that you are effective in compiling the leaves. If you are compiling leaves in a large compound or surface area it is wise to divide the area into smaller portions for easier management.

If you decide to go high tech, use a vacuum. This is a fairly easy process thanks to technology. All you have to do is to scoop some mess from the blocked drainage using your hand or shovel.

Point the vacuum machine in the drain and vacuum using a wet dry-vacuum. The vacuum machine will suck all the debris through the grate. The little debris that will be left should not bother you. It will be washed away with relative ease.

As I have always emphasised, prevention is better than cure. Protect your drains by using a drain guard. A drain guard is designed to only allow water through. Even if a build up of leaves occur on the drain guard, water will still flow under.

Though they require some maintenance in terms of cleaning they are the best solution in ensuring your drains are not clogged.

Ensure Maximum protection of your Drains

As a parting short, always carry out regular maintenance on the drains.

Do not think that leaves can only block your floor drains, the drains on your roof can also be blocked, preventing water from flowing down the pipes.

Leaves in your roof drains are not easy to clear so get yourself some gutter brush to make your life easier.


Regular maintenance will result to low cost repairs. Here at Drain Unblocking Services, we have a fully equipped van to come to your rescue and a team of highly qualified personnel. Give us a call on 08002942907. No call out charge!

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