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Signs of a Blocked Drain


A blockage is like cancer; at times it is hard to know whether you have it. Blockages tend to build up slowly. With time, it becomes apparent that there is a problem. But how can you know that a blockage exists before it turns sever?

This guide is written for the layman. You do not need to be a professional plumber to be able to tell if a blockage exists or not.

So what can you do to know if a blockage exists?

Use Your Sight

Though the eyes can play games on you, they don’t lie. If your toilet, sink, bath or shower is draining slowly then that is a clear sign of blockage. If the blockage is more sever then water may drain after 24 hours or not drain at all.

If the blockage is in just one tap then the problem is in the fixture. If all the drains in your house have a problem then the sewer drain is to be investigated.

The toilet is the most common place where a blockage takes place. This is followed by the kitchen sink and bathroom. Most people will flush down sanitary towels and tampons hence the highest frequency of blockage taking place in the toilet.

To know if you have a blocked drain, then investigate how running water in your house behaves. If water in the toilet rises as a result of running water, or water in the shower to rises due to a toilet flush then your house has a problem in its drainage system


The biggest give away for a blockage in a house is the smell. To come to this conclusion, at least make sure that your house is clean and all garbage has being disposed off. The first symptom of a blockage is usually a foul smell.

Once you detect the presence of a foul smell, and then investigate it.


To know if drain is blocked or not, listen to how it sounds. A gurgling sound from your drain is a clear indication of a blockage. A gurgling sound is as a result of trapped air in the blocked pipe being displaced out of the system.

Temporary Solution

This solution is temporary and a qualified plumber is needed to ensure that all the obstruction in the drain is eliminated.

The most common temporary measure is using of a wire hook to unclog your bathtub. Once you discover that the shower drain is slow you can use a wire to solve this. All you need to do is remove the shower stopper and insert your wire to know what is blocking the drain. In most cases, the wire will remove some debris and hair from your bathtub.

Sodium bicarbonate can also be used for your toilet solution. This must be used with a combination of white vinegar. This creates an amazing fizzy effect that will break down debris.

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