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Drains and Sewers


Our keep it clean program will help you know how water is supposed to be disposed of wisely so as to avoid any blockages in your drain.

Get our sewerage flooding advice if your house has ever flooded?

Has your property being flooded by sewage before?

If this is a yes, call our emergency number on 03457145145. We operate 24/7 so do not hesitate to give us a call.

Why They Block

Most drains block as a result of a lack of awareness among citizens. Most people are unaware that sanitary products and tampons should not be flushed down the drain.

In fast food restaurants, grease and oil is not discarded in a bin but in a sink. As it tickles down into the sewer it solidifies as a result of cold temperatures. With time they will accumulate and create sever blockages in the sewer.

Who Controls The Sewer Network?

There are three types of sewers, private, public and high way drains. Public sewers belong to us while private sewers belong to home owners. Drains in the gulley’s and highways belong to the council.

Our Responsibility And Role

Normally, we are responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of large sewers found under pavements and roads. A change in law made it mandatory for us to maintain sewers and pipes that are shared among households.

Pipes that are outside your property and connect to the main sewer line are also under our supervision. These changes came into effect on 1st October 2011. To understand these recent changes more, check out these diagrams.

Do not hesitate to call us if you think that one of our sewers has blocked. We always have a team of sewer technicians on standby to come to your aid at any given time of the day.

Call us on 03457145145 for our highly competent team to come and check out the problem.

For Anglian water owned sewers, the company will clear and unblock it

You will however need to call an independent clearing company if your sewer is a private sewer.

Where Does Your Responsibility Lie?

Any drainage that is situated in your property from the sink to the toilet is your responsibility. This also includes the pipes that transport the faeces away from your house.

You are responsible for its maintenance and cleaning. Your responsibility however ends when your pipe meets other pipes from your neighbours.

The Council

The responsibility of maintaining and unblocking drainages in highway drains and road gullies lies solely on the County council Highways department. Incas you come across a flooded drain in your highway or gully check your phonebook to call your local council.

You can also check your local council’s contacts online.

Environmental Agency

The environmental agency is in a position to give you simple advice on what you should do during bad weather and flooding in your area.

To call the environmental agency, dial 03459881188.


To know your area call charge kindly refer to the EA’s website.

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