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How Do You Know If Your Drain is Blocked?


Drains face numerous problems but the worst that can happen is a blockage. A home becomes inhabitable unless the issue is solved. It is usually caused by accumulated waste or sudden disposal of materials that cannot be swept easily down the drain. A blockage can also occur if your pipe is collapsed due to natural causes such as heavy rains or mud slides.

If you ignore what appears like a small problem with your drainage, it eventually develops into a big problem and causes a lot of damage to your property. This translates to high repair and replacement costs. So you need to know when your drain is blocked and seek help before things get out of hand.

Signs of a Blocked Ddrain

Strong sulphurous like smell which means trapped elements may be rotting. This could be foods, soaps, tissue nappies and many others. If you sense a bad smell in your bathroom or kitchen, its time to have your drain checked.
Water flows slowly and sometimes remains stagnant all day. This is one of the signs to look out. If the drain is severe, the water will not drain at all.

Sometimes the slow draining happens in the toilet, kitchen sink and that means your main drainage may be having issues. However, it slow draining happens in one fixture, it’s easier because you can easily detect the problem. The toilet gets nasty blockages and it some severe cases, overflowing occurs. Check all external drains and if you notice any rising waters, it means there is a blockage.

Rising toilets and sinks leading to overflow.

Gurgling showers, sinks and toilets. Those funny alien like sounds from your drainage after you have flushed water means your something is stuck in your pipeline.

Causes of Blocked Drains

One of the common causes of blockage problems is disposal of waste down the drain. It looks simple when you let waste go down your drain, but with time the small particles build up and prevent flow of water. You can prevent this by using the drain for what it was made for. Throw foods, cotton buds, greasy products, and other non-flushable waste into the bin.

However, there are other blockage causes that you cannot prevent such as a collapsed pipe. Call a drainage contractor to detect and repair the affected areas. There know how to unblock your drain and have the right equipment.

While some problems are easy to clear, some can only be handled by professional plumbers. Never open the manhole or try to get inside no matter how bad the blockage is.

Blocked drains are a common problem that every household is like to face at one point in life. Just spot the signs on time and get help before you home is wrecked by sewage.

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