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How Do You Prevent Dishwasher Salt Blocking the Drain?


Salt deposits are one of the major causes of dishwasher drain blockage. If your drain is not working, it means you kitchen is not running smoothly.

However, this does not always require a technician, you can unblock the drain.

Unless you know your dishwasher is too old, there is n need to rush and buy a new one. The main cause of the salt is hard water that contains minerals. You cannot see it, but tap water has some trace of salts. Some the water you use at home travels through limestone where it picks up salts different minerals such as magnesium carbonate or calcium.

When you dishwater dries, the minerals remain as deposits in salt form. Though the deposits do not cause damage to the dish washer, they can block the drain if left to accumulate for a long time.

Prevention of Dishwasher Salt Blockage

•Dishwasher Salt

There are a number of ways to preventing the salt from blocking your dishwasher’s drain. The simplest way to do this is dishwasher salt. It is different from the normal table salt and contains 95% sodium chloride combines with 5% sodium ferrocyanide, which is also known as anti-caking agent. It restores ion exchange of your dishwasher, which helps to get rid of calcium and magnesium ions.


Vinegar is an effective way to prevent formation of salt deposits. It has acidic properties that eat away the minerals in hard water without affecting your dishes. You simply add distilled white vinegar in the rinse aid compartment.

Apart from removing minerals, vinegar also gives your dishwasher a freshening rinse.

•Rinse aid

Rinse aids come with various ingredients that enhance drying while removing minerals. They are added in the rinse aid compartment, which is found in most dishwashers. Use your preferred

•Cleaning the filters

You can clean the dishwasher thoroughly to remove any accumulated salts in your dishwasher. However, always make sure you turn it off before you start cleaning. The filters should be the first thing to check. They get full of deposits that affect the drainage of your dishwasher. They are at the bottom part of a dishwasher and they are three pieces. Remove and clean them thoroughly. It is advisable to clean them weekly.

Always Check the Waste Hose

Making sure the waste hose is in good condition all the time can help prevent drain blockages. Sometimes this pipe gets kinked or squashed and waste cannot flow away smoothly. Remove the dishwasher from the cabinet or wall and see how much space the drain hose has.

•Keep your sink blockage free

A blocked sink can cause blockage in your dishwasher. The water fails to drain and you will have problems cleaning your dishes.

If you follow the above dishwasher maintenance tips all the time and your drain pipe still gets blocked, call a technician, it may be something different and not salt deposits. Dishwasher drains can be blocked by other things, so call a professional plumber to check it out.

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