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Does Pubic Hair Block Shower Drains


I have always shaved while showering. This is the most convenient place for me to do it, but knowing that it can cause clogging in the bathtub and sink has always made me uncomfortable. Luckily I have found out how to avoid clogging my bathroom with pubic hairs. This how to do it:

What you need:
•Safety razor
•A mirror
•Hair shampoo or soap
•Clean towel

Steps to Follow

Shower as usual
Men are likely to feel like this is wrong but believe me when I say taking a shower is the best way to start. It will save you time and make it easy to shave whether its morning or at night when you have limited time to shave and shower.

Lather Up The Soap or Shampoo

Some shampoo or soap will soften your pubic hair, beards, hair on the legs or chest hair. Simply rub some of it with some water on the hair to create white soapy foam. This will soften your hair follicles and ease the whole shaving process.

Shave With The Right Tool

There are different tools that you can shave with as you shower. They include disposable razor, safety razor, straight razor and wet and dry electric shaver. You can choose what to use depending on how much time you though the key goal is to shave as fast possible while ensuring that you do not clog your bathroom. If you choose to use the safety razor, you have to sterilize or change blades every time you want to shave.

Use a Mirror

A mirror helps you see all the areas that need to be shaved and also take care of the hidden parts. The mirror will become foggy as you have to let the shower to keep running as you shave. The water sweeps away every hair that is shaven and helps to prevent clogging. You can reapply soap or shampoo several times while shaving and your shaving will be perfect. If you are using a bathtub, remove the water stopper to avoid building up hairs before you allow them flow away.

Start Shaving

If the hair has dried before you start shaving, apply some more water and start shaving. If you choose to use safety razor, rinse with clean water now and then to get rid of clogged hair. There must be running water to wash away the falling hair. You kill two birds with a single stone, shaving and cleaning the bathroom at the same time, thanks to the running water.

Shower Shortly Afterwards

After shaving, you need to wash and remove all hairs on your body. After that, dry your freshly shaven area with a clean dry towel.

Use An After Shave

To prevent ingrown hair and bumps, use an after shave when the skin dries up. It also helps to kill germs and sooth the irritated skin.

Shaving is over and you can step out of the bathroom and get ready for work. Your pubic hair cannot block shower drains if you follow these simple steps.

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