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What is the Difference between Plumbing and Drainage


Most people do not know the difference between plumbing and drainage. In fact, people think that plumbing is all about pipes. We have the other category of people who do not give a hoot what plumbing is.

The most common mistake that people do is to consider the turning of tap water brown and the backing up of a bath tub as ‘plumbing’. This is not one and the same thing.

There is a big difference between plumbing and drainage. You confused? Don’t worry; I will get you out of the woods in a few minutes.

Defining What Plumbing Is

When water is brought to your home, it uses a system. This system is what we call plumbing. To make it easy for you, let us use basic examples. When your tap pours brown sludge instead of water, or your shower goes dry, that is plumbing.

Defining What Drainage Is

Drainage is the opposite of plumbing. It is a system that directs waste water away from your house. This is what ensures your excretes and dirty water connect to the sewer line.

The drain that drains away your dirty water when you wash your utensil is not a plumbing system but a drainage system.

In this regard, the next time your bathroom is flooded by toilet waste, do not scream, “I Curse you my freaking plumbing!” But instead scream,” I Curse you my freaking Drainage!”

Does This Matter?

The answer to this question is probably yes and no. To the ordinary man {though I know we are all gifted} this does not matter. They have too much on their plate like tax to worry about plumbing and drainage and the entire hullabaloo involved.

Yes, it does matter to the professional who is in charge of repairs. In this regard, a plumber won’t give you a cockeyed look when you call to explain that you need his services because your bathroom is clogged.

Most people just assume that there is no difference between plumbing and draining. They assume that it is all the same thing. Well, let me set the record straight today. We have drainers and we have plumbers!

Just because we all deal with pipes does not make us plumbers.

Since we have plumbers and drainers, you will have to call a plumbing service for your clogged tap to be repaired.

When you have a large chunk of poo {am hoping none of you puke} in your toilet that wont flash, then you are looking for a drainage service.


Yes, the two systems are pretty much similar to one another except for their functions.

Both systems use the principle of nature to operate. They depend on gravity and pressure to flow in and out.

A small mismatch in the pressure zones of your house will render you plumbing system useless.

Make sure to call us today and amaze us with some technical jargon .Who knows, maybe we will give you a discount!

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