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How to Prevent Leaves from Blocking my Drain


In a couple more days we welcome the autumn season. The nights will get darker and colder. As a result the leaves will wither, turn crispy and fall from the trees.

As a result, the fallen leaves will clog outdoor drains resulting in blockages and unsightly messes!

When the leaves fall, they at times accidentally block the drain grids. If you are lucky enough, then your house will partially flood. If the weather is rough and uncontrollable, then not only will your house flood but your entire city might flood.

To unblock the drain grids, a professional will be required.

Drain Guards

This heaven sent tool is part of the key to your problem. High quality drain guards prevent fallen leaves from getting into your drain and causing blockage. The beauty about drain pipes is that they allow only water to pass through reducing the risk of blockage. It is highly advisable that you buy drain guards.

Important Advice

Buying a drain guard is not enough. Like a soldier, one must be constantly evaluating his/her drains to ensure there are no leaves. It is important to at least set aside five minutes every week to check and clean your drains.

This is an easy process. All you need to do is wear protective gloves and carry a bucket as you head to the drains. If there are leaves in the drain pipe removes them and discard them safely.

Tip: If your drain pipe is surrounded by tress then you will have to check it regularly. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

The Pipe and the Gutter

Underestimating the potential of pipes and gutters would be fatal this autumn season. When leaves build up, the water flows out. Removing leaves stuck inside pipes and gutters is not an easy job.

I start out well but the frustration will eventually wear you out. Save yourself the trouble and call an expert before the situation turns from bad to worse.
Note: more than 30% of flooding in homes and cities is attributed to leaves that block pipes and gutters.

The Hero

I know you are probably wondering what to do if your drains are surrounded by trees and you don’t have the time to pick up them up every day. Do not worry because technology gave us the outdoor vacuum machine.
It was built specifically to pick up debris and leaves. When autumn kicks in you must be prepared! The machine is easy to operate and save on time.
It especially comes in handy in drains. Point the nozzle in the drain and all debris will be sucked in the machine. You will discard the debris later.

What We Do

We have years of experience in dealing with block drains. This is a job we do with passion. If you would like to find out more about us, kindly get in touch with a member of our team today via our contact page. It will be an honour to serve you.

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