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How to Clean Blocked Drain in Inbuilt Fridges


It goes without saying that fridges are one of the most vital appliances in our homes. Ensuring that they keep functioning normally will undoubtedly keep food in your home fresh, hence saving you some cost. Blocked drain in inbuilt fridges results from blocked drain holes. Cleaning blocked drain in inbuilt fridges therefore starts with identifying the problem with your fridge drain hole.

While some blockages are more serious that the others, it’s easy to repair them by a quick fix without necessarily asking for your fridge repair technician. Honestly, it’s virtually impossible to prevent the drain in your inbuilt fridges from blocking; however, cleaning it regularly prevents debris from getting into the drain hole and causing the blockage. Below is how to clean blocked drain in inbuilt fridges.


The first step towards cleaning blocked drain is to mop all the excess water at the bottom of your fridge’s box or in the drawer.


After drying the drain, clear any debris from the hole. You can do this using a straw, pipe cleaner, cotton bud or a certain hole clearing tool that comes with most fridges.


After clearing off the debris, poke whichever tool you’ve been using in the hole. However, you have to be careful and ensure it doesn’t block the drain further. If done appropriately, this should clear the drain in matter of seconds.


Finally, prevention being better than cure, you need to ensure your fridge stays debris-free as much as possible. This will save you time and also efforts involved in cleaning the drain continuously.
Possible Causes of the Blocked Drains and How to Clear Them

Too Much Cycling

This occurs when it’s left to run more than it should. This is caused by debris build-up and dust on the condenser coils. You can fix this cutting power supply to the fridge. In case of too much leftover debris, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the debris buildup.

It’s Leaking Water

Water leaking under you fridge is never a good sign and despite it being a common occurrence, it can usually be solved easily. This is usually caused by blocked defrost drain which normally results when debris clogs up the drain pipe thus leading to ice buildup and consequent leaking out of the freezer and fridge. You may need to manually remove such debris and check the valve at the end of its drain pipe.

Ice Buildup in Freezer

This may have been caused by leaving the freezer door open thus causing high humidity levels in the freezer and hence ice buildup. To solve this, simply don’t leave the fridges door open longer than required.


Cleaning blocked drain in inbuilt fridges doesn’t have to be an uphill task. Considering that it’s a phenomenon we will seldom encounter, bracing ourselves up for the task is an undeniable virtue. Also, we don’t have to always keep our fridge repair technicians on dial because as stipulated above, cleaning blocked drain in inbuilt fridges is quite easy. Ultimately, regular cleaning of the fridge drain will undeniably a wise idea, furthermore, isn’t cleanliness next to godliness!

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