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How to Clear Blocked Drains


A blocked drain is one of the major plumbing problems that most home owners have to deal with at some point. Though it is a potentially messy process, if you have the tools and ability to unblock you drains, it is worth to do it yourself. Here is how to do it.

Drain Rods

Modern cane rods are flexible and come in different colours. The traditional ones were rigid making them hard to use when unblocking a drain. Though people could hire them in local tool hire stores, some of them ended up remaining in the blocked drains. The modern ones are easy to use and will not unscrew making it impossible for them to get trapped in problematic drains.

Drain rods will clear solids such as accumulated papers giving you a long lasting solution. However, if the blockage has been caused by grease and fat, the rods make a hole giving a temporary solution and the blockage begins to build up again.

Drain Plunger

The drain plunger unblocks a shower, toilet or sink very fast if blockage occurs in the water trap area. But, it does not work well on the central drainage line. It turns nasty if the blockage is caused by an object that will not move. The water can rise and in no time sewage will be flowing in your house. It is always advisable diagnose the blockage before using the drain plunger. However, it if used in properly and in the right situations, plunging clears blocked drains effectively.

Closet Auger

This tool is easy to use and clears blocked toilets easily. It is a flexible and long metal rod that moves into the drain and goes in the U bends easily. Using the handle, you can make rotational movements and clearing the blockage in no time.

The only short coming of this handy tool is that it can scratch and damage the toilet bowl. If you are in rental house, you may end up replacing a whole toilet set, which means a big loss to you.

Compressed Air

Compressed air units are available in local stores making it easy for you to pump a blocked toilet without hiring a plumber. It is perfect for a blockage that is just in the trap. If you do not make proper checks before using compressed air, be ready for a messy situation. The equipment can clear the blockage, but if the problem is not within the trap, it will take the easy route and shoot out of the drain plughole and results will not be pleasant.

Drain Rodding Units

The drain rodding units are machines available in different sizes. They work effectively when clearing huge bath and sink wastes. The machine has a gear that controls a long cable around a drum. They are available in different sizes with interchangeable retrieving heads. Due to their excellent ability to pass through traps and U bends, they are perfect for unblocking drains.

Be careful not to damage pipe work as compressed air can be savage leading to a messy situation.


Chemical cleaners are not easy to use. It is hard to tell where the blockage is and how much water there is between the plughole and blockage. If there is a lot of water, it means the chemical cleaner will be highly diluted making it less effective.

High-pressure Water Jet

This method is mostly used after others ways have failed. It removes fat and grease effectively. The jetting units come in different types and you simply select what suits your circumstances.

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