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How to Block Drain


Drains block occur due to different reasons. They are nasty and a bad experience whenever they happen. They can cause a bad smell in your house because waste water from the bathroom or kitchen does not flow away. There may be some warning signs, but some are hardly noticeable so the blockage happens when you least expect it. Here are some of the top causes of blocked drains.


We love the nature, but sometimes it can cause a mess into our lives. The draining systems get blocked easily due to nature. During autumn, leaves are falling all over and when it rains they get clumped, which causes blocked drains. The strong winds during this season also blow a lot of debris into the drains. The tree roots expand naturally but may end up cracking pipes, which can cause blockages easily.

Poor Plumbing

Pipes are fragile and it’s surprising how they handle the hard work of carrying water from place to another. To get your pipes functioning perfectly, you need to have them fitted by an expert. Poor plumbing can cause blockages but also workmanship can disturb pipes and cause blockages. If a building needs to be extended, the contractor must be careful not to end up with blocked drain.


Grease and fat cause blockage when they dry up. They stick on the pipes’ sides and with time, cause a big blockage. No water can pass through and you need to take action immediately. Blocked drains can cause overflow, bad smell and other problems in your house.


Most blocked drains and especially in the bathroom are caused by hair. The hair builds up and no liquid can pass through. You will start by noticing slow drainage and as time goes by, the water fails to flow away at all.

Foreign Objects

There are foreign objects such as soap and food that can build up in the drainpipes. They collect substances being flushed away from water. Tissue, sanitary and nappies block toilets when they are flushed away. Young kids often through items trying to experience and have fun. Every kid is likely to have antics of throwing and flushing anything in the toilet.

Blocked drains are a nuisance and that’s why you need to check out for any early signs. It becomes easier to fix them and you are spared for serious leaks, electrical damages and overflows that can be costly.

One of the simplest ways to keep your drains functioning is to clean your yard, dispose garden waste and foliage properly. But if blockage occurs due to one reason or another, a professional plumbing engineer can always detect and alleviate the problem.

Always hire specialized contractors who are qualified to handle any drainage related problems.

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