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How Do I Keep Water in My Bathtub When My Stopper is Worn Out?


Do not worry when your stopper has stopped working either as a result of being damaged or being worn out. A round plastic stopper can be used to keep the water in your tube.

When the seal is worn out, you will need the following temporary fixes:

The Emergency Fix

In an emergency fix, you will need to be creative. You will have to use what is around you to your advantage.

The Plumber’s Putty

This is the best temporary solution until you buy yourself a new stopper. This is mainly used to prevent leakages by plumbers.

The putty is however used when the gasket on the pop-up drain has failed to keep water in your bath tub.

Using putty is pretty much easy. Roll some on your hands to create a snake like shape. The roll should be long enough to fit the entire drainage in a circular manner.

Once this is done, cover the leaky gasket with putty. This is not a permanent fix. The putty will have to be removed when you drain the tub.

Using a Washcloth Bag

Stuff a plastic bag with a washcloth .Ensure no air is in the plastic bag by squeezing all the air out. You can also decide to suck the air out, either way is ok. When you are satisfied there is no more air in the bag, seal thoroughly to make it air tight.

Stuff your airtight plastic bag into the drain. Hold it in place until water fills the tub.

Keurig Single-Cups

Depending with the size of your drain hole, most Keurig cups tend to fit just enough to keep water in your tub. If it is leaking do not worry much, it should last long enough to enable you to enjoy your bath. After all this is just a temporary fix!

A Toilet Plunger

This may sound a bit disgusting but don’t worry, just clean the rubber end with soap and hot water. The science here is to use the suction force of the plunger to create a seal. You may decide to remove the handle if you don’t want to look at it.

The Marine Drain Twist Plug

This gadget is mainly used by fishermen in live fish wells to drain water out. It has a T-shaped handle . This is advantages as you can easily twist it into the drain hole. This will however only work if the drain hole is same size as the Marine stopper.

Jar Lids

When a jar lid is placed upside down in a tub full of water, the suction below it will hold the lid in place. You should place the lid in the drain when the tub is empty.

Plastic Bag

When it is sealed, it makes a quick stopper for the drain. Fill the plastic bag with water directly over the drain and fill the tub.


Take time to know the best way to fix your stopper.

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