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How Do I Claim For a Blocked Drain?


The first thing you need to do when you have a leaking or a blocked drain is a certified contractor. It is the little problems that turn into a disaster if not attended immediately. If you notice that the water is moving too slowly, call a plumbing service and they will send a certified contractor to provide a quick solution.

The contractor comes armed with the most necessary tools and will carry out CCTV inspection for free or charge a certain fee. It depends on the company you choose to work with. A thorough check helps them identify the cause of the problem. After that, they do a CCTV survey fully and the steps below takes place.

•A service provider requires your authority to manage your claim. They are authorized under the CFA regulations. What you need is a form from the firm working for you and you fill the required information and send it to them.

•The service provider you hire will contact the insurance company if your home is covered. They will manage your claim to ensure you are compensated as stated in the policy.

•The report and survey findings including the right quotation are given to you (the home owner) and the insurance company.

•The insurance company reviews the claim and if they agree to pay, the work is done. It is at this stage where you pay the excess if that is what you had agreed with insurer and the rest is paid by the insurer.

•A contractor begins working on the repairs and the insure pays as agreed.

Letting your contractor deal with your insurer saves you from many unnecessary arguments and frustrating calls. You are assured that the work will be done and payments will solved spontaneously. The whole process of claiming for a blocked drain is time consuming, but contractors make it part of their work and get the claim paid.

You can save money if your insurance company pays for everything and your emergency can be solved fast. However always make sure that you only work with professional contractors authorised by FCA.

To get a claim paid, it must be approved by drainage specialists. They investigate and diagnose the problem and come up with a report that will be represented to the insurer. If the blocked drain is not accidental, you will have to pay for all the investigation and repair cost. Ask questions about the whole process before submitting the claim. Check the policy to know the exclusions and limits to avoid disappointments.

If you do not understand some of the wording, call your insurer and have the air cleared. Most insurance policies for building owners cover accidental pipe damages for both drainage and underground plumbing. However, the pipes must be the responsibility of the policy holder. Know what your policy can cover before you file a claim.

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