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7 Ways of Unclogging Your Drain


It starts out as an innocent slow drain. At first you ignore it. Thinking it will go away. After a couple of more days, the drain gets worse. You can no longer ignore the problem and you are forced to act.

The slow drain is now a bother. It is time to act. Though there are many types of clogs do not be overwhelmed. This is guide will help you out.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

The problem with baking soda and vinegar is that it doesn’t always work. It is however safe and effective and spares you the trouble of being all physical with your clogs.

Boil two pots of water. Pour one pot in your drain and save the second pot for later

Pour 1/3 cup of bicarbonate immediately you pour the boiling water

Let it rest for at least 5-6minutes

Take the second pot with boiling water and mix it with vinegar

Let the solution rest for 20 minutes as it fizzes

Flush the mixture with boiling water to clear the drain

Wire Hanger

For simple clogs, a wire will be effective.

Straighten the wire as much as you can while you unwind the neck of the hanger. Make sure to leave the hook as it will be going down the drain to clear the clog.

So as to get a better handle, bend the last three inches of the wire. Once it is ready, push it through the drain in an up and down motion for several minutes. Your block will clear.

The Millipede

Uncoil our little friend and let it grasp the wall of your drain. Leave the rest to him and check after some few hours.

The Zip-It

This is a plastic stick with upward barbs that make it easy to pull out obstructions such as hair. Put it in the drain and use an upward motion to pull out the clog

The Dry Vacuum

This machine will be ruthless to your clogs. This machine comes with its own attachment for better usage.

Not all vacuums are the same. There are lots of different models in the market so once you buy one follow its instructions carefully.

Some of the vacuums are so powerful that they can clear as set concrete clog in a matter of minutes

The Bomb Toilet

For this technique you will need:

Baking soda

Epson Salt

Liquid detergent

Muffin tin

Muffin Liner

To create a ‘bomb’ mix the salt, baking soda and some detergent. Let the mixture sleep overnight in a muffin liner. In the morning pour the mixture in your toilet. Flush with water and wait for at least 5 hours.

Flush and the toilet will be all good to use.

The Plunger Bellows

The bellows build up pressure on your clogs. The more you pump the higher the pressure. The clogs will have no option but do drain right down your pipes.


Avoid a bottle of Drano as it will corrode your metal and plastic pipes.


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